CBD For Binge Eating Disorder
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CBD As A Potential Therapy For Binge Eating Disorder

All of us must have gone through those moments when we were unable to control our urge to eat more. Overeating can result in stomach uneasiness and bloating, or heartburn but it does not necessarily mean that you have an issue. If you overeat occasionally, it does not indicate that it is binge eating. People having a binge eating disorder overeat and then get very furious and upset about it. Binge eating disorder often continues alongside stress and depression. A handy remedy to stop such cravings and be in better control of your actions is to take the plant compound CBD that regulates your appetite and manages your anxiety so that you do not go on an uncontrolled eating spree.

What Binge Eating Means

A most common eating disorder, Binge eating makes a person lack control over their actions and simply not know how to curb their behavior. Such abnormal eating habits can harm both physical and mental wellness. An individual diagnosed with binge eating disorder goes totally overboard for at least twice a week over a duration of six months. People affected by binge eating disorder may experience weight gain, heart ailment, and diabetes in the later phases.

Once extra weight results, the problem only turns worse. It is generally found that men and women who are trying to cope with negative thoughts and sentiments related to guilt or hatred mostly suffer from binge eating disorder. Such negative emotions like depression, anxiety, and morbidity make people switch over to food for coping with their emotional problems which causes a continuous and self-harming cycle. Binge eating has affected almost 2.8 million Americans.

CBD Can Manage Eating Disorders Effectively

CBD helps you to get back into a healthy lifestyle as it manages your stress and anxiety and helps you to get rid of your negative emotions so that you can abstain overeating and break away from binge eating disorder.

Your endocannabinoid system which is a large network of neurotransmitters, endogenous cannabinoids and receptors ensures a controlled internal environment that can effectively offset the external environment of our body system. The endocannabinoid system also controls human appetite, mood, sleep, hormonal imbalance besides a host of conditions. When this vital body mechanism fails to work properly it often results in anorexia or bulimia. CBD assists in kickstarting the ECS and helps to promote homeostasis and equilibrium within the body.

CBD Impacts Your Reward System

Eating disorders focus on the reward system which makes CBD effective in treating such eating disorders, CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system which controls your body and regulates appetite. By inhibiting overstimulation within your reward system you can retrain the brain to pick up healthier eating habits.

The human brain contains neurotransmitters that transmit information across the neurons.One such chemical is dopamine which is recognized as a reward signal within our brains. Another neurotransmitter serotonin is the chemical that alters the level of dopamine in pathways. Such chemicals get released as we perform activities that are necessary for our survival like eating, sleeping, and engaging in sex that offers a chemical reaction that makes us desire to perform it again. This is known as positive reinforcement.

A study on eating disorders in rats revealed an alteration in dopamine, acetylcholine, and opioid processes in regions of the brain associated with the reward system. This evidence hints that the reward system has an integral part in binge-eating, which is positive news for people using CBD to treat their health conditions.

Helps To Reduce Cravings

One of the most difficult parts in quitting any addictions is the cravings. More so, if you get bored as an eater, it may appear that your body is suggesting to you that it requires food even when it may not. Such cravings are related to your body asking for dopamine release and CBD can aid in the modulation of your reward system so that the cravings do not become severe.

Treat The Real Problem At Hand

How often do you binge-eat when you feel stressed out, angry or depressed? As you are upset you are looking for a happy release that seems more easy and convenient with food. The phytocannabinoid CBD is known to curb anxiety, manage anger and depression and help you to treat the root cause of the problem at its source.

Assist In Weight Loss

When you consume food, your body converts the food into fat. The brown fat within your body can be burned into energy and the white fat is conserved for energy. Some portion of the white fat is necessary for your system and skin health and you surely would not like to waste it. CBD helps the fat browning process and makes it convenient to convert the unwanted fat into burnable energy.


CBD can help you to deal with anxiety and stress management which lies at the core of eating disorder and lead a healthy lifestyle. On the physiological level, it aids in regulating your appetite, impacts your reward system, reduces cravings and promotes weight loss so that obesity does not feature as one of your reasons for negative emotions and subsequent binge eating. On your part, you have to change your dietary habits, perform exercises and eat healthy foods to make CBD perform efficiently on your body and keep you on the peak of health.


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