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How Your Diet Impacts Your Overall Health?

         A Balanced diet is essential for a healthy body. Your nutrition is directly related to your overall wellness.

What you eat has a direct effect on your overall wellness. Eating healthy is important as the nutrition provided to the body must be clean and full of essential vitamins. A balanced diet is essential to maintain a healthy weight and mental health. Your body is like a machine which needs fuel. The Human body needs fuel in the form of food. Eating junk food and oil-based items could put on some serious weight. Obesity is a disease which is rising day by day across the globe. People who are overweight regrets now, eating too much empty calories is of no use. You need to study the nutritional value of the particular item you are purchasing. The food item should be rich in vitamin, carbohydrates, protein, and minerals. A balanced diet could be prepared easily and have less oil content.

The amount of fat which is present in the item should be less or good fat. The cholesterol level of the body should be maintained to avoid heart diseases. Many food items have good cholesterol present in it. The companies have an obligation to provide the nutritional value on every pack. The food standards have put restrictions on manufacturing the obsolete material. At present, there are thousands of companies which are manufacturing the food items irrespective of any restrictions. The government is taking precaution and steps to put a ban on such illegal companies. Body organs are very sensitive and if disturbed could get damaged. The strong digestive system of the body helps in digesting the food easily. A balanced diet should be taken to lower the pressure on the digestive system. Read more about the impact of diet on health.


Why a balanced diet is recommended?


  •  To maintain a healthy weight: diet is necessary to maintain a healthy weight. Maintain healthy weight keeps you away from high blood pressure and you will face less complications like irregular blood sugar. A healthy weight helps to control diabetes and other heart diseases. Being fit to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. A person full of confidence faces the challenges in life easily.


  • To keep diseases away: a balanced diet is necessary to keep several diseases like heart and lung diseases away. A diet high in sugar, salt, trans fat and preservatives can cause some serious health problems. The unhealthy diet always invites dangerous diseases. The body needs only those components which it can absorb easily.


  • State of mind: diet which is rich in antioxidants and vitamins has properties of boosting your brain cells. You will observe an increased energy level and would also feel motivated. The diet which is not healthy and has unnecessary fats and calories is surely going to put some weight on you. Being overweight also invites diseases to settle down in your body permanently. The mind should be relaxed to act wisely and decide carefully. Even your family is affected by your poor mental health.


The risks involved with poor nutrition:


  • Obese or overweight: poor nutrition has empty calories and lack of nutritional value. This type of nutrition also contains components which are not suitable for our digestive system. The digestive system if not functioning fine leads to increased weight and even obesity.


  • State of tooth: poor nutrition could cause tooth decay or cavity. The harmful substances could destroy the health of the tooth completely. Some changes which happen are irreversible.


  • Blood pressure: the nutrition which is not rich in mineral and vitamin could also cause high blood pressure in the human body.


  • Cholesterol: the level of cholesterol also increases as poor nutrition is not rich in good fat and contains fat which is not digestible. The fats which could not be broken down is named as a trans fat.


  • Heart diseases: when you are overweight and your body organs are not functioning as they are means to work you’ll catch heart diseases. Around 50% of the population is affected by heart diseases. The chances of stroke are also high if you intake poor nutrition.


  • Some other problems such as type2 diabetes and osteoporosis are related to poor nutrition. Everyone has different genetics and body structure, study about your body type and prepare a diet chart accordingly. What gets you consume breaks down and if the nutrition is poor, you are likely to invite diseases.


You could start with good nutrition easily and it’s not that difficult that you think:

  •   Eat that food item which is rich in minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium and potassium. A healthy diet Is full of such minerals and vitamins. Once you catch a habit of preparing your food, you’’ learn everything related to nutritional value. The number of fats should be limited and should be good fat. Eat food which has the highest nutritional value.


  •   Accordingly, focus on eating two meals of fruit and five meals of veggies per day. This could help absorb the food easily.


  •   Cut down alcohol consumption and sugar intake. The more sugar you consume the more is likely to develop. Sugar rich drinks should be avoided and instead of that fresh tap water or mineral water should be consumed. A water bottle should be carried every time to avoid drinking outside.


  •   Prepare a diet chart and add only those meals which provide you with the highest nutritional value.


Day by day food adulteration is rising throughout the world. The manufacturers in the greed of money are risking the lives of innocent people. The government needs to put a ban on licenses of such manufacturers to avoid casualties. People are being educated about food adulteration and through the measures to detect the defected food item.


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